Shervetta Porter, MA, LPC-MHSP, CEO


Shervetta Porter is a Licensed Professional Counselor. 

My ideal client is a person that needs help with regulating their day to day life due to relationship issues, codependency, couples issues, emotion regulation, parenting concerns, issues with the law, weight loss and obesity, and self-esteem concerns. I have worked a lot with victims of abuse in many forms. I enjoy helping others put the pieces of their life together step by step.

My specialties are the areas of boundaries, relationship issues, self-esteem, and codependency. I also specialize in Christian Counseling.

Let me walk with you, be an accountability partner, and be a part of your support system. Please reach out today and get relief from whatever has you stuck.

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Donna Ross, MA, Ed. S, Clinical Manager


My ideal client is one that knows they DESERVE better.However, in a current place of being “stuck” within this life’s journey. Your desire is to remove these blockages within your life to allow you be the person you meant, destined to become on this earthly realm.

My specialty areas consist of coping, regulating emotions, mindfulness, building positive relationships, attachment and trauma-relatedissues.

Allow me to be part ofyour team; to become empowered to livea healthyand whole way of living.  You are destined to LIVE your best life!!! Please contact me today; I am waitingto be of service.  

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Tammy Shanahan, MSW, LCSW, Clinical Supervisor


Your ability to trust your “counselor” is one of the most  important things in your psychotherapy endeavors. I believe more progress can be made if we spend time getting to know one another, allowing both of us question time. I have over 35 years experience helping people to understand and change their disturbing thoughts, behaviors and circumstances. Sometimes it may even be a case of learning to accept a major change in your life, such as a trauma or close death. No matter what your issue may be, I am willing to work together with you to overcome these obstacles. My specialty lies in working with adolescents and adults and I base most of my therapy on CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) which includes looking at the way a person sees and interprets things, utilizing memories and childhood experiences and using reality based options, such as practicing how to speak up for yourself. I look forward to hearing about your issues and problem solving together, so go ahead and make that phone call today.   

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P. Jae Porter, MA


Like a storm, life can become dark and cold with unexpected outcomes. During and after the storm, we often l find ourselves overwhelmed, seeking safety, and help. I've been there. Broken relationships, separation and divorce, financial worries, health problems, challenges with the kids, and confusion about which way is up are all a part of my life story. It took a lot of work to put the broken pieces back together. There is freedom and life available for you. I am here to walk on this journey alongside you. You can find the peace and happiness that you desire.

Feeling depressed and stressed out takes a toll on our physical bodies, our families, and others around us. These feelings leave you feeling alone and empty. Learning to identify and manage the drivers causing stress and depression will release the heavy weight on your shoulders so that you can LIVE again.

Children need to feel safe before they are open to talking to adults. Through research and practice I have experience working with children and adolescents with suicidal thoughts. Outside of talk therapy, I use games, art, narratives and other means to help them feel comfortable and open to the process.

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Dr. Angela Neal Brooks, Ed.D


Dr. Brooks is a mental health therapist. She likes to work with children, adolescents, and young adults.  

She has a history of working with families, youth sex offenders, case management, domestic violence, alcohol/drug issues, and crisis. 

She would love for you to reach out and set an appointment up today. 

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Calvin Sadler, MA

Calvin Sadler, Mental Health Counselor at Restore Life Behavioral Health.

Calvin is a Mental Health Counselor. 

My ideal client is a individual who may be having difficulty with bio-psycho-social-spiritual behavior changes. These difficulties include but are not limited to the following: difficulty coping from a traumatic event, poor anger management, school or social issue behavior problems, boundaries issues, and sibling rivalry. My ideal client will be motivated in finding self-sustaining copings strategies while insight into the reasoning behind the challenges they face.

I utilize an eclectic approach to fit and meet the need of the individual, family, or group. I work to build autonomy and self-awareness while promoting positive change to help foster growth within the individual. Thus, in turn, helping the individual be able to cope affectively and positively with past struggles while building skills for the future. 

Life is a journey. You are not alone. Let's walk the journey together. Don't hesitate, please reach out today.

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